Decentralized, Secure, Blockchain Storage Solutions

Velocity-X enables organizations to protect their entire data holdings quickly and securely. Velocity-X solutions are designed to be easy-to use at every step, from installation to operations to monitoring. They provide an organization with a blockchain backed decentralized data storage system with zero knowledge encryption.

All data stored within the Velocity-X solution is transparent, verifiable, traceable, and completely tamper proof. The blockchain securely protects and guarantees an immutable chain of custody of data that is distributed across a high performant storage platform. Organizations can save money by segmenting data across alternative storage platforms while retaining the piece of mind that their data is securely protected and cannot be altered.

  • Shards

    Files are broken into small pieces known as file shards. The shard size is configurable and can be adjusted to optimize storage and performance requirements.

  • Encrypted Data Shards

    Each shard is encrypted using a system derived key or a key provided by the organization. This effectively “locks” the data shard from tampering and ensures the content owner is the only one able to access the data.

  • Mine Block

    The system executes a mining operation to create a block that will be added to the chain. This operation will create a hash based on the data, encryption key, and mining operation. Multiple mining or “proof of work” operations are available to provide different degrees of complexity.

  • File Ledger

    The file ledger is updated with the newly created blocks. The associated shard metadata is also updated with the block information.

  • Replicate & Distribute

    Each individual shard is then replicated a configurable number of times. Replication is performed to prevent data loss and increase performance. The replicated shards are then distributed between storage containers. These storage containers are operated across multiple cloud providers and in multiple geospatial regions.

  • Retrieval

    Organizations have a variety of ways to retrieve files through the  application, the mobile interface, and the API. Even though the data is decentralized, it is only accessible to the data owners. The system is designed to be extremely flexible and extremely performant.